November 06, 2019 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
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WAXIE Sanitary Supply - Santa Ana

3220 S Fairview St, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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Categorized as: Educational Seminar

The ISSA Hygieia Network is excited to host its first ever HIGHER event, a regional professional development conference featuring three keynote speakers, career workshops, flash mentoring and more on Wednesday, Nov. 6 in Santa Ana, California.   That is in our own South California backyard! 

The event is designed to spark conversations and connections that empower women in the cleaning industry to reach their professional goals and help others along the way. Each networking session will be full of uplifting speakers who will share their experiences and advice for those just starting out or eager to advance in their career. Will I see you there? 

Find out more and register to attend: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/higher-hygieia-tickets-72254325633.

Register by October 19th and receive the early bird discount!


HIGHER is a series of professional development conferences designed to create space for conversations and connections that empower women to push through barriers to reach their career goals and to pull other women up along the way.

This is not your standard big-box conference. If you are eager to expand your local and national network of women in the cleaning industry, are wondering what it takes to climb “the ladder”, or could simply use a burst of inspiration, HIGHER is for you.

Hygieia's vision is for women to actively choose careers in the cleaning industry for its unparalleled inclusiveness and the development & advancement opportunities they can access.

The ISSA Hygieia Network’s Mission is to provide programs, tools, and support that enable all women in the cleaning industry to accelerate their careers and achieve their full potential. Hygieia provides women in the cleaning industry with training & development, mentoring & sponsorship, networking & connection to accelerate their careers. Programs, tools & support are delivered both directly and through member companies, who see value to their businesses and society as a whole, in attracting, retaining and advancing women in our industry.

Allow us to introduce ourselves! Wisr is a technology company based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a (female-led) company, we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how technology can democratize access to opportunity. It’s why Kate Volzer, our founder, feels so passionate about the potential for Wisr to support the professional careers of women and other under-represented populations in leadership and committed to adding professional development workshops designed to cater to women’s advancement. Wisr’s software enables powerful networks in communities looking to build affinity and deepen engagement.


Join Hygieia and Wisr as we strive to bring together women in the cleaning industry to participate in unique, attendee-guided programming. At HIGHER, you'll walk away with a strong network of supportive women (and potential mentors) in your field, increased clarity on the strengths and expertise you currently bring to your role, and a plan for how to take the next step in your career.

Our day together is divided into 3 main sections:

Coupling space for individual reflection with structured partner sharing, this workshop will have you identifying the values, strengths, and interests driving your career. Gain insights about what types of environments you thrive in, share stories with fellow attendees, and define what success looks and feels like to you.

Hear from three women leaders on what they've learned about while navigating their careers. How have they cultivated their unique leadership styles? What advice would they give to their younger selves? Learn what these outstanding women think the next generation of leaders needs to know.

Take professional development into your own hands by writing your ideal future performance review, receive flash mentorship on a specific area you'd like to develop, such as negotiating a raise or requesting an opportunity to develop a new skillset, and leave with a concrete action plan for reaching your next professional goal.